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I. Introduction.

Access to the website of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA and the use of its services is subject to the terms and conditions set out below, being mandatory for all users (Hosts and Hosts) and constitute a legally binding contract between the user and HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, which only aims to regulate the existing rights and obligations in relation to the use of this web platform between the Guest or Host with HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, in no case among the obligations that may arise between users .

The entity with which the contract is signed is HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, domiciled in Raul Labbe 13,723, office 402, commune of Lo Barnechea, city of Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions, do not use this site or its services, to continue the visit to the site and its use, it will be understood that it conforms to them, so we request you read this document.

The indicated terms and conditions can be updated at any time, which will be informed in a timely manner to users through the website and the "Last Act" will be updated at the top. Users must review and accept the updated terms, so that in case of access or use of the platform it is understood that they accept the new terms and conditions.

HOUSE AND FLATS SpA nor the companies related to the content of this page will be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of the page, its contents, or the impossibility of accessing it.

Users are exclusively responsible for complying with the regulations applicable to the advertisements and services provided. If you have any questions about how local legislation applies to your Ad (s) and Host and Host Service (s), you should always use a legal guidance service.

When Users make or accept a reservation, they sign a contract directly between them. HOUSE AND FLATS SpA is neither a party nor a participant in any contractual relationship between the Users, nor does it constitute a real estate broker or insurance or any other type.

II. Services.

Through this website (Platform), it seeks to facilitate and allow the general public, various content, services, information and data, in order to facilitate communication and contact between those who wish to sell or lease a property or piece, furnished or not and those who wish to acquire or lease real estate located inside or outside of Chile.

2.1 Join offers:

Bidders must register directly on the website. HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, at the request of the Host, will be able to verify the property, so in some cases the accommodations or properties will be visited by the team (prior visit will be scheduled) of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, who will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the hosting services offered on its website are authentic, however, it is not responsible in case the published accommodation changes its decoration and / or is not equal to the photographs of the website, that the description is different, among others, due that hosting owners sometimes make changes that may not be updated on the website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the hosts undertake and oblige to deliver complete, sufficient and truthful information about the property and its conditions, to keep the information on the website up-to-date and to inform opportunely any change made to the property.

The published photographs are only intended to provide a reference idea, but do not necessarily represent the property with absolute accuracy.

The review or certification process that HOUSE AND FLATS SpA may carry out may include the request for a current domain certificate and review of the state of the property and its conditions. Ensuring in such a way to protect users (Guests).

In those cases in which the HOUSE AND FLATS SpA team carries out a verification, review or certification process, this situation will be indicated in the offer duly (Along with the visit, a valid domain certificate can be requested in order to verify ownership of the property or failing that, request the lease contract that authorizes to sublet).

The Users accept and declare that HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, is only an intermediary, for which it has no control over the security, stocks or real conditions of the properties or of the information presented by the hosts. Users assume all risks related to dealing with other users with whom they have contact through the Internet site.

According to the above, the participants are responsible for their own communications and the consequences. HOUSE AND FLATS SpA does not declare or guarantee the veracity, accuracy or reliability of the information published by users.

HOUSE AND FLATS SpA reserves the right to modify, intervene, reject or generate all kinds of changes so that the accommodations that are published through the site comply with the profile that HOUSE AND FLATS SpA has determined in its line of publications, which it is proprietary to the company.

2.2 The commissions:

These will be calculated proportionally according to the length of stay and value of the lease. These will be required and must be paid at the time of making the respective reservation. All amounts will be previously determined and will be reflected when making the payment. Pay of the rent: Monthly payment: The reservation will be paid as established in these terms and the payment of the rent will be agreed by mutual agreement between the parties (Host and Host) in the respective lease.

2.3 Reserve Deposit:

To confirm the reservation must pay HOUSE AND FLATS SpA by any means allowed on the website. The reservation is made up of the following concepts:

2.4 Maximum and minimum period:

It is established that the leases will have a maximum period of 12 months and a minimum period of 1 week. In case of renewal or change of department, fees will be charged again, with a 20% discount.

2.5 The guarantee:

The reservation consists of the amount of 1 month of rent or 30% of the total value of the lease in case of leases less than 1 month. The reservation will be charged to the value of the lease, discounting the total amount of the lease the amount already paid for reservation.

2.6 Cancellation of the reservation and breaches:

Anticipation at the beginning of the lease (in days) Return percentage (excludes commission *)
Before 30 days 100%
Between 20 and 30 days 50%
Between 10 and 20 days 30%
Less than 10 days 0%

* The commission paid to HOUSE AND FLATS SpA will not be refunded in any case, so it is not considered in the percentages expressed in the table. In the event that, for reasons of force majeure or breach of commitments by third parties, the reserved accommodation is not available when the tenant arrives, HOUSE AND FLATS SpA will not be liable for any damages or losses that could result from the non-availability of the apartment. reserved, however will do everything possible to relocate the tenant and as appropriate will return the payments made in the reserve (excluding the commission of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA which will not be charged again). HOUSE AND FLATS SpA reserves the right to withdraw users and not give subsequent access to the website for violating the terms and conditions or the law, and the right to remove from the website any information deemed abusive, illegal or contrary to good habits HOUSE AND FLATS SpA is not and should not be considered part of the possible contracts that are celebrated between the users of the website, regardless of the use made of the website. HOUSE AND FLATS SpA is only an intermediary between users, and will not be responsible for any hiring decision (between guest and host), taken for any reason.

2.7 Recommendations and Suggestions:

HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, recommend and urge the parties to follow the following recommendations: Celebrate the respective lease for the entire period, regulating the rights and obligations of each party. The delivery of the property should be done after signing in 2 copies of a delivery record, which must contain an inventory and the status of the goods included. It is recommended that property owners hire the corresponding insurance and be up to date with all their legal obligations. Likewise, landlords are reminded that according to letter g) of article 8 of DL N ° 825 on Sales and Services Tax Law, the lease of furnished property is taxed with VAT, so it must be declared and pay said tax.

III. User Data and Privacy Policies.

During the use of our services, the information provided directly by the user will be collected through the corresponding form that will be accessed through the website. As a general rule, the information requested in the Form is the personal information of the user, such as: Name, Surname, identity document, date of birth, email, etc. The entry of Personal Data or confidential information on the Site by users implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions. Except in the fields where it is indicated otherwise, the answers to the questions on Personal Data are voluntary, without the lack of answer implies a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise indicated.

On the other hand, users when contracting the services offered on the Website, will declare that they are aware that the information they provide to HOUSE AND FLATS SpA will be part of the Database, authorizing HOUSE AND FLATS SpA to use said Database for the proper provision of services. HOUSE AND FLATS SpA will request information from the user that may be reserved or confidential. The user authorizes HOUSE AND FLATS SpA to publish and make use of the information entered to comply with the purposes of this page.

The data entered by users will be stored in your account, which can be accessed through your username and password, and can review, update or modify the data contained in the respective forms.

HOUSE AND FLATS SpA guarantees the reservation and protection of personal data that users access to the website, and will not be made available to third parties, but only for the services that derive from this website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, HOUSE AND FLATS SpA may make use of the data entered by users for the exclusive use of its members, its associates and the entities to which they are affiliated, for statistical, tariff or other purposes of general benefit. those.

HOUSE AND FLATS SpA may use cookies, tracking tags or similar technologies to passively collect anonymous information. These technologies do not collect personal information such as your full name, address or financial information. Cookies are text files that are placed in the computer's browser and can be used to help recognize you as a user of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA. Tracking labels are small pieces of codes that are placed on Web pages and are They use, among other things, to tell users who visit that page or to take a cookie to the browser of a user who is viewing that page. Without cookies and tracking labels, it would be difficult for HOUSE AND FLATS SpA to know which services have more audience than others. Keeping track of audience size helps us better understand when to launch new services and improve current offers. Cookies and tracking labels are used to improve and personalize your experience at HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, to remember your preferences and registration information, to enable a shopping cart, to present and help measure and investigate the effectiveness of offers , advertisements and email communications from HOUSE AND FLATS SpA, and to personalize the content and advertisements you receive through HOUSE AND FLATS SpA.

IV. Restrictions of use.

The site may only be used for legitimate purposes by people searching the HOUSE AND FLATS SpA website. It is prohibited to use the website for any of the following purposes:

V. Intellectual property.

The content, both text and images, names, logos and other details on this page are the exclusive property of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA and are protected by intellectual and industrial rights recognized nationally and internationally. The violation of these conditions will imply a transgression of the rights established by the Intellectual Property Law, the Industrial Property Law, the Berne Convention and other International Treaties. The information on this page may be used only for personal purposes and its use for commercial purposes is prohibited. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, rent, loan, sell, upload, transmit or distribute in any way the elements of Intellectual and Industrial Property that appear on this site or create derivative works of the same without the prior written consent of HOUSE AND FLATS SpA.

VI. Applicable legislation.

These Terms and Conditions of Use will be governed by Chilean law and international treaties signed by Chile.