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III. User Data and Privacy Policies.

During the use of our services, the information provided directly by the user will be collected through the corresponding form that will be accessed through the website. As a general rule, the information requested in the Form is the personal information of the user, such as: Name, Surname, identity document, date of birth, email, etc. The entry of Personal Data or confidential information on the Site by users implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions. Except in the fields where it is indicated otherwise, the answers to the questions on Personal Data are voluntary, without the lack of response implying a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise indicated.

On the other hand, users when contracting the services offered on the Website, will declare to be aware that the information they provide to WELCOME CHILE LTDA will be part of the Database, authorizing WELCOME CHILE LTDA to use said Database for the due provision of services. WELCOME CHILE LTDA will request information from the user that may be reserved or confidential. The user authorizes WELCOME CHILE LTDA to publish and make use of the information entered for the fulfillment of the purposes of this page.

The data entered by users will be stored in your account, which can be accessed through your username and password, and can review, update or modify the data contained in the respective forms.

WELCOME CHILE LTDA guarantees reservation and protection of those personal data that users enter the website, and will not be made available to third parties, but only for the services derived from this website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, WELCOME CHILE LTDA may make use of the data entered by users for the exclusive use of themselves, their associates and the entities to which they are affiliated, for statistical, charging or other purposes of general benefit of those .

WELCOME CHILE LTDA may use cookies, tracking tags or similar technologies to passively collect anonymous information; these technologies do not collect personal information such as your full name, address or financial information. Cookies are text files that are placed in the computer's browser and can be used to help recognize you as a WELCOME CHILE LTDA user. Tracking labels are small parts of codes that are placed on Web pages and are used, among other things, to tell users who visit that page or to bring a cookie to the browser of a user who is viewing that page. Without cookies and tracking labels, it would be difficult for WELCOME CHILE LTDA to know which services have more audience than others. Keeping track of audience size helps us better understand when to launch new services and improve current offers. Cookies and tracking labels are used to improve and personalize your experience at WELCOME CHILE LTDA, to remember your preferences and registration information, to enable a shopping cart, to present and help measure and investigate the effectiveness of offers, advertisements and email communications from WELCOME CHILE LTDA, and to personalize the content and advertisements that you receive through WELCOME CHILE LTDA.